Dear Singaporeans,

Are you sick of the limited options available to you when you are looking to abstain from alcohol or reduce your alcohol intake?

Have you ever found yourself in a social situation where you feel like you are being forced to drink  overpriced sugary options such as fruit juices or soft drinks just because you are trying to abstain or cut down on your alcohol intake?

Whether you are on a night out with friends, chilling out with friends by the pool, enjoying a BBQ or just having a family meal together with your loved ones, we want to be there for you as the guilt-free, sparkling refreshment you can count on to help give you the lift you need without having to carry the burden of sugar and alcohol with you after a good time.

Because it is lightly flavoured and sparkling, it perfect for accompanying heavy meals and helping you cut through the 'jelak-ness'  so you can keep drinking without feeling saturated.

If this is a drink you have been missing out all your life and you need it in your life right now, help us bring this drink to life as a truly Singaporean beverage creation and build a following together!

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Enjoy it your way

You can enjoy our Sparkling Light series as a replacement for alcohol, as pre-drinks, as a mixer or as a drink between drinks knowing that it contains the goodness of tea, a dash of bubbles to keep you refreshed and none of the nasty effects of sugar and alcohol.

Become a Backer & be the first few to try it!

We are currently in the soft launch stage where we have the equipment and facilities ready to commence small batch production of our beverages and we would love to involve you in the process of co-creating a truly Singaporean beverage with us.

We currently operate as a Home-Based Business have made the initial investment in the necessary equipment and imported tea ingredients from our suppliers in Sri Lanka to kickstart this process.

Your feedback and support will be very important in ensuring that we are able to continue developing and testing our beverages while fine-tuning and improving our overall production process. We will be producing the bottles on a small-scale one flavour at a time and approximately 1o bundles at a time.

Join us by becoming a backer and pre-purchasing one (or more) backer bundles containing all 4 bottles per bundle.

We look forward to your support and feedback so that we can create something that Singaporeans truly love and be confident enough to bring to F&B and Nightlife outlets when the CB period is over.

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Guilt-Free, No Sugar Added, Alcohol-Free Alternative

Aromateaq is designed to be a guilt-free, no sugar added, alcohol-free beverage that has been intentionally made to look like a drink that can be enjoyed on a night out (or even a night in) with friends.

We experimented with Aromateaq because we felt there was a gap in the local F&B scene where the default alternatives to alcoholic beverages were often sugary sodas or just plain old fruit juices that were served out of a juice box.

We wanted to create a beverage that you can enjoy on a night out that was good for you (because it’s tea-based) and can be enjoyed over and over again without feeling ‘jelak’ or concerned about its sugar content.

It took us months of blending, experimenting and learning just to get to this point where we have a finished product in a bottle.

We call it a guilt-free sparkling tea-based beverage because it is alcohol-free and contains no added sugar. It tastes light and aromatic (hence its name).

What are you exactly?

Because we are a new product, we occupy this very strange space in the market:

1)    We are a tea-based beverage but not a bubble tea drink

2)    We look like an alcoholic drink but we are alcohol-free

3)    We are a carbonated ‘soft drink’ but we contain no added sugar or artificial sweeteners

What we do know for sure:

  1. We are Singaporean

  2. We want to create a product that can be enjoyed guilt-free by people

  3. We will only exist if YOU like it enough to keep buying

Join us on this journey and co-create a guilt-free beverage together! 😉

Thank you for your patience and understanding =)

We look forward to welcoming you on this journey of co-creating a guilt-free beverage together and we seek your kind understanding and patience in receiving your orders.

As every small batch is currently produced by hand, we will be processing every backer's orders based on their order number / sequence by batches.

We are also in the process of finetuning our supply chain for various supplies and ingredients, hence there may be some disruptions and delays that needs to be worked out or managed in light of the evolving COVID-19 situation.

We seek your kind understanding and patience on this matter and please be assured that we are committed to fulfilling all the backer bundles.

Hopefully we with your support, we will be able to scale up and improve our processes so that we can better serve you and our future customers.

About Aromateaq

Born in Singapore, Aromateaq is a brand of artisanal handcrafted tea-based products developed from quality ingredients sourced from the tea-brewing capital of Sri Lanka.

Our original flagship series 'Sparkling Light' Beverages are cold-brewed and handcrafted using our proprietary blend of tea leaves, floral and fruits.

Each mouthful is cold and refreshing as you enjoy the playful combination of subtle fragrances and aromatics from our fruit and floral elements combined with the familiar refreshing sparkly texture.

Our 'Sparkling Light' drinks designed to be guilt-free beverages that contain no alcohol, no added sugars or sweeteners and can be consumed without feeling 'jelak'.

For customers with a sweet tooth, we are currently working on a new series of 'Sparkling Delight' beverages which are handcrafted using our proprietary method of flavour extraction using Sous-Vide techniques to create a delightful Sweet Tea Infusion that is blended with our in-house seltzer.

We are on a mission to find innovative and delightful ways to help Singaporeans incorporate the benefits of tea into their everyday lifestyle.