About Us

About Aromateaq (CCB Version)

We created this beverage because we were annoyed by the lack of no-sugar added, alcohol-free options for people who were health conscious but still have a social life.

It always feels like we were be punished for trying to abstain or reduce our alcohol intake while on a night out or a CCB night in.

It just does not make sense to us to pay $3.50 for plain water, $8 for fruit juice made from concentrate or $12 for mocktails made from syrup and sodas.

We stumbled upon our CCB through our own kitchen experiments and after months of experimentation we took the plunge in Mar 2020 in securing an SFA-licensed premise so we can share this with Singaporeans.

We took the plunge right before the CCB measures kicked into place.

Apart from F&B being an entirely new industry for us, the CCB period has been particularly challenging for a new product and a new brand like ours but we are committed to doing the best we can to provide Singaporeans with healthier beverage options that can be enjoyed in a social setting whilst chilling out or after a meal.

When life gives you CCB, I guess you can only try and make the most out of it by making your own CCB Baby. Our CCB Baby is a CCB (Carbonated Cold Brew).

It takes a village to raise a child and we will to invite Singaporeans to join us in raising our CCB Baby so that it can grow into a truly Singaporean product and brand that can be enjoyed by everyone.

We hope to grow together with our customers and look forward to improving our production process, supply chain and possibly expanding the range of products and flavours in the future if we survive through this period.

We currently operate as a Home-Based Business and offer bulk purchases of 40 bottles per order, made to order upon request. Please contact us via email 'hello [at] aromateaq.com' to place your order.

About Aromateaq ('Corporate' Version)

Born in Singapore, Aromateaq is a brand of artisanal handcrafted tea-based products developed from quality ingredients sourced from the tea-brewing capital of Sri Lanka.

Our original flagship series 'Sparkling Light' Beverages are cold-brewed and handcrafted using our proprietary blend of tea leaves, floral and fruits.

Each mouthful is cold and refreshing as you enjoy the playful combination of subtle fragrances and aromatics from our fruit and floral elements combined with the familiar refreshing sparkly texture.

Our 'Sparkling Light' drinks designed to be guilt-free beverages that contain no alcohol, no added sugars or sweeteners and can be consumed without feeling 'jelak'.

For customers with a sweet tooth, we are currently working on a new series of 'Sparkling Delight' beverages which are handcrafted using our proprietary method of flavour extraction using Sous-Vide techniques to create a delightful Sweet Tea Infusion that is blended with our in-house seltzer.

We are on a mission to find innovative and delightful ways to help Singaporeans incorporate the benefits of tea into their everyday lifestyle.