How to DIY your CCB

DIY Your CCB with Aromateaq's DIY Kit!

Follow these simple steps to create your very own hand-crafted carbonated cold brew (CCB) sparkling tea at home without any elaborate equipment!

You will find all the items you need in our DIY kit!

  1. Golden Sift
  2. 2 x Glass Bottles with cap
  3. 2 x Sachets of our special blends of Mondte Tea leaves
  4. 1 x Fancy drinking glass
  5. 1 x Soda Water in a can
  6. 1 x Golden Strainer

Here’s a quick and easy set of instructions if you prefer to read instead of watching the video:

Upon receiving your DIY Kit

  1. Unbox the DIY Kit and make sure you have all the items.
  2. Make sure you rinse out the glass bottles, drinking glass and strainer before using

Preparing your cold brew

  1. Take 1 sachet of tea leaves and empty them into 1 glass bottle
  2. Add STILL drinking water to the glass bottle, cap it and give it a good shake
  3. Put both the glass bottle (containing the tea leaves and water) as well as a can of soda water into the fridge for 24 hours

Straining out your cold brew (after 24 hours of steeping in the fridge)

  1. Give your bottle of cold brew a good shake and uncap it
  2. Uncap the 2nd glass bottle and hold the strainer over the 2nd bottle
  3. Proceed to strain out the tea leaves from the 1st bottle (make sure you hold on to the strainer and leave a gap between the strainer and the empty bottle in order to prevent leakage from the straining process)
  4. Once you have strained out the cold brew into the 2nd bottle, proceed to rinse out the 1st bottle and strain out any remaining tea leaves
  5. Once the first bottle is rinsed and free of any tea leaves, proceed to divide the cold brew evenly between the two bottles

Carbonating your cold brew

  1. Open up the can of soda water that has been refrigerated for 24 hours
  2. Dilute the cold brew in both the bottles (we recommend a 1:1 ratio of dilution)
  3. Cap the bottles and give them ONE gentle turn to mix the cold brew and soda water

Enjoying your cold brew

  1. You are now ready to enjoy your carbonated cold brew!
  2. You can drink straight from the glass bottle OR if you are feeling fancy, pour it out into the fancy drinking glass and enjoy!