Updates & FAQ

We are keeping you updated on our progress here as well as any latest updates regarding the CB measures and its impact on our start-up. (Latest first)

9th Oct 2020 – Thank you everyone for your support. With a heavy heart and after much consideration, we have decided to cease operations at our SFA-licenced foodshop.

We will be shifting our operations into a Home-Based Business Model until we are able to find another suitable model of operation. Due to space and production limitations, we will only be able to receive orders of 40 bottles at a time (Single Flavour). Please email us via ‘HELLO [AT] AROMATEAQ.COM‘ if you are keen on placing an order with us.

4 June 2020 – Our new batch is ready to go! If you have ordered, you would’ve received a WhatsApp message from us. If you have ordered and have not received a WhatsApp message from us, do reach out to us on WhatsApp at 90036088. If you have yet to place your order, now is a good time to prevent disappointment when this batch runs out and you have to wait for the next!

*Upcoming Batches (check this space for your order number)

Batch 1: 8 June 2020

#122 (Pending PayNow confirmation)
1 June 2020 – We are in the midst of brewing up a fresh new batch to be bottled!

28 May 2020 – Bottles are in! Orders will be fulfilled by 8 June if not earlier. If you have ordered, we will update you your order is ready.

27 May 2020 – We are taking orders for our first batch which we should be able to fulfill on 8 June 2020. Place your orders now to avoid disappointment!

23 May 2020 (1812 hrs) – We are sold out! Thank you everyone We will be sequencing all pre-orders by brewing batches based on the time-stamps of payment confirmations received. We will be publishing the order numbers (i.e. #123)  and which brewing batch it belongs to and provide an estimate of when it will be ready once we have our bottles. 

23 May 2020 – Our stocks are running very low! Thank you to the first round of backers who has found out about us via Singapore Restaurant Rescue FB page and supported us.

We have been fulfilling the orders on a first-come, first-served basis based on payment confirmation.

Our first batches of orders have been fulfilled with our existing stock on hand and it brings us so much joy to be able to be part of your Hari Raya celebrations and well-wishes to your friends and family during this CB period.

We have ordered a new batch of glass bottles and they are now taking a cruise on container ships across the seas to us. Hopefully they will reach us soon enough (estimated 14 days, hopefully less) and we can continue to fulfill incoming orders.

We seek your kind understanding on any delays and we will be posting all the updates here.

Please be assured that we are committed to fulfilling your orders at the soonest possible time. =)

CB Announcement 22 Apr 2020 – #1 – We are only available for online ordering via Grabfood Delivery at the moment. No takeaway or walk-ins allowed. As such, we will be suspending our FaveDeal and Fave Takeaway functions temporarily. Thank you for your understanding.

21 Apr 2020 – 1st Sale on GrabFood =)

19 Apr 2020 – 1st Day opening on GrabFood!

13 Apr 2020 – We listed our first deal on FaveDeals! Check it out and get your first batch of our Guilt-free, Alcohol-Free, No Sugar Added Sparkling Cold Brew

26 Mar 2020 – We got our first test batch Guilt-free, Alcohol-Free, No Sugar Added Sparkling Cold Brew teas done!

19 Mar 2020 – We received our SFA Licence Approval!

We are currently undergoing a round of shelf-life testing in our production facility and hopefully we will be able to offer you a shelf-stable product that can be delivered to you via next-day / 3 day delivery methods.

Enjoying our Product

Opening our bottles

It is advised that you use a bottle cap opener to open our drink and enjoy it. We tried to make it easy for our customers by investing in an ‘easy open’ crown cap but from our experience it is still easier to open with a bottle cap opener lah. Thank you for understanding and we hope you enjoy your sparkling drink =)

Keep Refrigerated

For the best experience, please always refrigerate and chill the bottles before drinking. By chilling the beverage, it allows for better absorption of the carbonation into your beverage.

We are currently undergoing shelf-life testing and working towards making it more shelf-stable at room temperature.


What does artisanal, handcrafted mean?

It means we do everything ourselves and everything by hand here in Singapore where everything is very expensive.  

We use equipment used by homebrewers and every single stage of the process is manual because the automatic ones cost a lot more to start with and only makes sense if we are producing them by the thousands (when there is demand) instead of in 30 odd bottles per batch.

To produce one batch, we blend each flavour, cold-brew the tea, filter it, keg it and carbonate it by hand. Carbonation is like a HIIT workout in itself because we have to shake each 10L (~ 10kg) keg vigorously for a minute each time whilst it is hooked up to a CO2 tank.

Every label on the bottles are pasted individually by hand and each bottle is bottled by hand and capped off with a crown cap.

The entire process takes place over a period of 48 hours because cold-brewing is a time-consuming process and carbonation takes time to settle in.

Every time we do it (producing bottles not babies), we are discovering new pains in different parts of our bodies. 

We just hope that people like you will enjoy our beverages and we can soon have the happy problem of trying to figure out if we need to seriously consider scaling up or automating the entire process.

What can I expect from a Guilt-free, No sugar added, Alcohol-free drink in terms of taste?

It should be aromatic, lightly sparkling and refreshing drink. We do not add sugar or artificial sweeteners in this version of the drink. We have crafted each batch using cold-brewed tea and blends of floral and fruits so that the subtle fragrances of the ingredients shine.

It is designed to be enjoyed repeatedly without feeling saturated or ‘jelak’ although you might find yourself burping out some gas because of the carbonation.

But I like sweet leh, can add sugar one?

We are currently working on a sous-vide sweet tea infusion blend that will be blended with our own seltzer water. This will be a sweetened version of the product and it will soon be available for delivery as well via Grabfood and will have to be subjected to shelf-life testing as well.

The Sparkling Delight series will be crafted from the same ingredients but through a different method with the inclusion of sugar during the production process, the taste should be quite different from the original.

We recommend that you try both to see which you prefer. Or simply stay on the light side with our Sparkling Light Series.

How come the drink level in every bottle like quite different ah?

As every thing is produced and bottled by hand, there is a very significant margin of human error. We seek your kind understanding on this matter. Hopefully in time to come, when we are able to automate parts of our process we will be able to bring you a more consistent product.

How much is Delivery?

We currently charge $12 for delivery for every order. Orders will be fulfilled via LalaMove. We will confirm with you via whatsapp prior to dispatch.